ABIC Encafe meeting – 17 – 21 November 2004

22 November 2004
The Executive Director, Mr. Néstor Osorio, was invited to participate at the inauguration of the coffee meeting held by the Brazilian coffee roasters' association, ABIC..

ABIC Encafe meeting – 17 – 21 November 2004: The Executive Director, Mr. Néstor Osorio, was invited to participate at the inauguration of the coffee meeting held by the Brazilian coffee roasters' association, ABIC, in the State of Bahia, Brazil this month. At this meeting, the ABIC presented a progress report on its quality programme, and revealed that domestic consumption of coffee in Brazil in 2003/04 had risen to 14.3 million bags. In his address, the Executive Director highlighted the success of Brazil in promoting domestic consumption and noted that the ICO had taken this experience as a basis for promotion in other producing countries. In this context, the ICO has sponsored a manual prepared by a Brazilian consultancy which gives detailed practical information on how to encourage consumption in producing countries. The ABIC also launched its new programme for 2004/05 and presented diplomas and certificates as awards to the best coffees entered for the ABIC quality competition in a ceremony in which the Executive Director participated. Mr. Osorio also took the opportunity to hold meetings with the Governor and authorities of the State of Bahia in the company of the Secretary for Commodities, Mr. Linneu Carlos da Costa Lima, to discuss preparations for the second World Coffee Conference which will be held in Salvador, Bahia in September 2005. The Governor and other authorities present reiterated their support for this initiative.

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